Twas The Night Before Load In

by third planet living

The Place: Diversionary Theatre

The Time:  Mmm, Eight Thirtyish 

The Crew:  The Diversionary Boys, Miscellaneous MOXIEs

Diversionary’s production of No Exit (directed by our own Esther Emery) did just that.  No sooner had the audience laughed it’s last laugh than walls were being torn down, staples were being carefully pried from moulding, (carefully may be a slight exaggeration), and the stage was being prepped for the first phase of the Bleeding Kansas load in.

We drug platforms into the space and slapped various legs on them.  Legs of different heights, which will create the raked stage that Jerry Sonnenberg designed.  Dustin had them all marked, and ready to rock, and it really should have been easy.  But I’ve gotta say, there was a little swearing.  A bit of sweat on the old brow.  And lots and lots of laughter.  One of my favorite moments was watching Missy scream loudly in her screw gun’s face, in a moment of unbridled frustration.

As we were packing up to go around 11:15, our lighting designer Jason Bieber was just arriving to begin hanging lights.  

Jason Conners, our sound designer, will load in tomorrow night, and JBG will bring costumes in Tuesday, the first day of tech.

In the meantime, the rest of us will be back at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning to continue where we left off. Walls will go up, glue will be spread, paint will be splashed and dirt will be piled.  From the checkered floor of No Exit, Kansas will spring up, and in a few short days we’ll have our first preview.  

Fun fun fun!