recycling artists

by jenthorn

There is a funny taboo in the arts world.  Crossing disciplines is something frowned upon in private, even when it’s applauded in public.  Britney Spears acting….not ok.  While we recognize in day to day life that people possess many talents, we seem to frown upon people crossing out of their designated “artistic category” to experiment in other fields.  Don’t lie….you know your first reaction when you hear some actress has an album is to think “who does she think she is?”.  You assume it must be some awful attempt at massaging her ego.  MOXIE thinks otherwise and we have a track record to prove it.

From day one our company has been exploring the unearthed and hidden talents of the people we meet who display a rare aptitude for following through.  It’s easy to find people who say they can do a job and who might even have a rare talent, but to find someone who will work until the job is not only complete but finished at a level which inspires the other artists involved…that is a precious and valuable find. When we find that person we can’t help exploring the depths of their possibility in whatever capacity they are willing to explore. Here are some of my favorite and MOXIE’s most successful examples of artists who we know as one thing but who proved they have some secret abilities:

Missy Bradstreet: Actor, Stage Manager, Hair, Makeup and Wig Designer, Prop Designer. Stage Blood Specialist, Production Manager, Sound Designer!

Jason Connors: Actor, Composer/Sound Designer (although MOXIE has yet to make use of it…Jason is also a playwright)

Don't miss Connors original copositions and sound design in Bleeding Kansas

Don't miss Jason's original compositions and design for Bleeding Kansas

Jo Anne Glover: Actress, Dialect and Voice Coach…soon to be Costume Designer!

Liv Kellgren: Actress, Sound Designer

Delicia Turner Sonnenberg: Director, Set Designer, Prop Designer

Amy Chini- Prop Designer, Playwright, Set Designer…plus she totally makes a killer herbal blend for smoking on stage…out of a corn cob pipe which she also makes herself!

Me (Jen Thorn)-Actress, Director, Graphic Designer, Playwright, Sound Designer, Costume Designer

Esther Emery-Director, Playwright, Production Manager, (not to mention the set design she did with Delicia elsewhere).

Sheri Kraus- Board President, Scenic Painter, Costume Designer

Dustin Long-Volunteer, Set Construction, Technical Director…and he carves a mean wooden toy horse!

These are the few that come to mind.  We love discovering new talent…especially in people we already love to work with. Does this mean I advocate not hiring a designer or artists who specializes in one area? Of course not…there is certainly a reason why designers study and train for their chosen field, and a level of expertise and piece of mind that comes along with hiring someone who is a specialist. What I am saying is that there are rare people who are so focused and dedicated that through their own will and determination they are able to transform.  We call that special trait MOXIE.