Thursday Inspiration: Cute Babies Edition

by Esther Emery

Hi, everybody! I just got back from Spain, where my baby Milo and his cousin Kostya were inseparable. They’re less than two months apart in age and interested in all the same things.

For example, they both want this camera.

And they both want this ball.

They both want this bench.

And this pile of sand.

And this suitcase.

Milo, who is larger and younger, kept trying to give Kostya hugs, which usually landed Kostya on his butt on the floor and crying. Kostya taught him to give kisses instead, which saved Kostya’s butt, literally, and gave Milo a skill to practice on other babies on the way home.  “Sorry, mama of the baby I’ve never met who was accosted by my enthusiastic child on the plane.  He totally means well.”

Here’s me with Milo.

And one of me with Kostya.

Oh, and Spain? Well, Spain was pretty cool, too. As I toured the Alhambra with about a million other tourists from nations far and wide, a fellow American stopped to tease me for pointing my camera down at my kid instead of up at the towering walls of the Moorish castle. What can I say? Stone is stone. Our babies are inspiring!

Happy Thursday, everybody!