100 posts and all of them moxielicious!

by jenthorn

I can’t believe it…this is our 100th post on the MOXIE Blog!  Today as I perused some old posts, I reflected on some wonderful moments we shared.  Here are my top 3 MOXIE Blog Favorite moments:

1) Esther’s post on May 31, 2008 in which she has a somewhat schytzophrenic conversation with herself over a cup of coffee… On Art and Motherhood: The First, I’m Sure Not the Last and the long conversation which follows it.

2) Amy’s post on June 27, 2008 when “Spillage, directly to the crotch-al region.” prompts her to have an in depth discussion about learning to be in the moment.  thoughts like feathers

3) Esther’s tribute on August 31, 2008 to Delicia and Jerry’s Anniversary in which she relates how one of D’s children claims that democracy gives him the right to use adult language. Happy Anniversary, Delicia and Jerry!

And now…my multi-tasking mommy moment of the day…who says I can’t excercise, walk my baby and run lines at the same time?

Who say's I can't exercise, run lines and walk my baby at the same time?

The perfect stoller for actors!

The perfect stroller for actresses!