Kansas is Sexy

by third planet living

I know that we’re doing a play about war and bloodshed and sectionalism…  it’s heavy and timely, and beautifully written… beautifully human…

But damn.  This show is sexy.

I stopped into rehearsal yesterday, and was compelled to stay a bit longer than I had intended. First off, we have two beautiful women, getting their hands dirty in that Kansas soil; long skirts sweeping the ground, toting hardcore Sharp’s rifles… We have handsome men swaggering about,  cussin’ and shooting the red-eye, husbands whispering tenderly to their wives, card playing and knife wielding … and possibly the hottest showdown between abolitionist and border ruffian in the history of the war.

I’ll get my camera in working order so I can post some pics.

I arrived near the end of rehearsal, but the cast had been working hard all day.  They were running through the second act, the show is mostly blocked and is looking fantastic.  

I also got some good belly-laughs in, watching Jo Anne create smoke rings from her corn cob pipe, like she’s been at it from the cradle. Good times, m’friends.

I can’t wait for people to see this show, they’re going to LOVE it.