Happy Anniversary, Delicia and Jerry!

by Esther Emery

In celebration of D and Jerry’s 11th wedding anniversary, here’s an anecdote from their house. Maybe, who knows, the photo fairy will appear and add a cool pic of these folks, ’cause I couldn’t find one. 

(Photo fairy here…just delivered the above image of D and Jerry. I too own no pics of them together. This was created from their two dueling spotlights in the San Diego Union Tribune.)

In the meantime, here’s Delicia…


Ok. there are a lot of milestones your kids reach, that let you know your life – as you’re just gotten use to it- will never be the same. Some of these include: walking, talking, the first time they can turn a door knob, and you realize you need a lock for the bedroom door, because “we are napping” won’t work anymore for mommy & daddy time…

Then there is the recognition that they know info that you’ve forgotten, like “Is a bat a mammal” What is 7×8?” Stuff like that… Well here’s my latest. We were having a conversation about swear words.

Mom: Do you guys swear?
Both Kids: No.
Mom: August does some, I’m sure and Zoë all the time, right?
Zoë: Just in my head.
Auggie: Well yeah, and sometimes under my breath.
Mom: Zoë, no swearing for you. Auggie, you can say just the words we discussed in the context we discussed, so not in front of teachers or your grandparents, especially my MOTHER. Well, and your dad. I think he doesn’t like it.
Auggie: Democracy.
Mom: What?
Auggie: Democracy.
Mom: What about it?
Auggie: Democracy means I can say what I want.
Mom: (Hmmm)
Mom: Oh, OK. Yeah, freedom of speech. Sure, yeah. I want to congratulate you on understanding one of the tenants of our democracy in these United States of America, and I’m impressed that you used it in a sentence.
Auggie: (Satisfied Smile)
Mom: However, our family is not a democracy. It’s a Dictatorship. Look it up.


Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more years of dictatorship!