Missy’s kid

by Esther Emery

We talk about Milo on here all the time. Today is the day to share the wonder that is Missy Bradstreet’s two-year-old daughter Lydia.  Here’s Missy:

Lydia was crying in her sleep this morning, so I was watching her to see what she would do. I kissed her on the forehead, and she opened her eyes. This is the conversation we had:

Lydia- “Where’s Milo?”
Me- “He’s at home with Esther and Nick.”
Lydia- “He drank all the milk.”
Me- “Do you want some milk?”
Lydia- “Not Milo’s milk.”
Me- “OK”
Lydia-“Where’s the blue dragon?”
Me-“It’s in Mommy’s closet”
Lydia-“I’m scared of the blue dragon. Where’s the brown dragon?”
Me-“It’s in Mommy’s closet”
Lydia-“The purple dragon is at Esther’s house. Where’s my milk?”

I wonder what she was dreaming about….

In case you don’t know Missy, she’s the MOXIE that the Chini-dog would like to describe as “She’d give you the shirt off her back.”

Which she would.  

If she likes you.

Missy did props for The Listener, including those ingenious melted-vinyl-record bowls.  She’ll be stage manager for The Sugar Syndrome and The Butcher of Baraboo, and as of last week’s retreat, she and I are now a two-woman production management team. (She’ll be the point person on Bleeding Kansas while I spend two weeks in Spain with my sister. Woo!) Her wigs for Yank at Diversionary were universally appreciated, and, just to fill out the resume, she’s the sound designer on No Exit.

(Jen Thorn HAD to add this really great photo of Missy as a pirate for your viewing pleasure. It was taken by Kevin Connors of Coast Highway Photo at our Season Two fundraiser Surrender Yer Booty. Forgive my intrusion into your post Esther)

Here is a picture of the purple dragon at Esther’s house.

As far as I know, the blue and brown ones are stuffed animals, so don’t ask me why those are the ones Lydia is scared of.


Maybe they’re not so inanimate after all.  Better ask Lydia.