Season Four is Announced!

by jenthorn

This past Saturday we did it.  We announced our fourth season.  There is always something a little underwhelming about telling people what we plan to produce for the next year.  People always ask:

You: “What plays are you doing?
Me: “Bleeding Kansas, The Sugar Syndrome, Labyrinth of Desire and The Butcher of Baraboo”
You: “Oh….I’m not sure I’ve heard of any of those plays”
Me: “No, you probably wouldn’t have…they’re all new”.
You: “Wow…really?”
Me: “Yup”

Producing an entire season of premieres of one kind or another is exciting, don’t get me wrong,  but it is hard to describe a play to someone who has never seen it…especially when YOU’VE never seen it.  So we are faced with the challenge of expressing our honest passion about the work we have read and can’t wait to bring to life and hope that people get a sense of how exciting it really will be. Here it is kids…season four. After each production I have taken the liberty of quoting you in what I believe will be your response to each production. We’ll see if you agree with yourself after you’ve seen the production!

The West Coast Premiere of

Bleeding Kansas by Kathryn Walat 

October 11-November 2, 2008 at The Diversionary Theatre

*Opening Night:  October 18, 2008

Rough and romantic, funny and insightful, Walat revisits a crucial moment in American history to tell an original story of a country, politically divided and ready to shed blood over issues of God and man. 

You: ” That was SO BAD ASS!  I loved all the characters. I didn’t really know anything about that time period or how dangerous it was.  I can’t believe that the playwright who wrote Victoria Martin Math Team Queen wrote that.  It is completely different!”


 The West Coast Premiere of

The Sugar Syndrome by Lucy Prebble

February 14-March 8, 2009 at The Diversionary Theatre

*Opening Night: February 21, 2009

Seventeen-year-old Dani is so over everything, so she surfs Internet chat rooms, searching for someone who is honest and direct. What she finds is Tim, a man twice her age who thinks she is an eleven year-old boy.

*Contains adult subject matter and is intended for mature audiences

You: “Um……..woah.  Uh….Wow. I don’t know what else to say. I am sort of speechless. That playwright was 22 when she wrote that? No way…. 22? Incredible.  I loved it but I hated it too. It was funny and gritty and wonderful.  That actress Rachael Van Wormer was outstanding!”

 A co-production with ion theatre company

The Labyrinth of Desire by Caridad Svich

April 18- May 23, 2009 The Lab at The Academy of Performing Arts

Opening Nights: April 25 & 26 2009

When Florela’s fiancé decides to leave her and compete with other suitors for the hand of the rich and beautiful Laura, Florela goes undercover to keep her man. Filled with clever deceptions and hilarious disguises, this who’s-who comedy of romantic intrigue explores that greatest of human mysteries: love.

*Contains adult subject matter and is intended for mature audiences

You: “That was so much fun.  I loved it!  I am so happy that happened at the end…what an incredible ride and a fantastic ensemble.  I am totally bringing all my friends back to see it next weekend!”


 The West Coast Premiere of

The Butcher of Baraboo by Marisa Wegrzyn

June 6-28, 2009 The Diversionary Theatre

Opening Night: June 13, 2009

A deliciously dark comedy about sibling rivalries and resentments, lurking past and current passions, legal and illegal uses of prescription drugs, missing persons, and one perfectly polished meat cleaver.

*Contains adult subject matter and is intended for mature audiences

You: “That was HILARIOUS.  What an insane group of completely crazy and totally lovable characters.  I felt bad for laughing so hard because they obviously have some problems but come on…when she almost scalped her daughter…that was too funny.”


Really…that’s what you’ll say.