The Flow of Art

by third planet living

I have many interests and loves (visual art, theatre, music, science) and have never excelled at any of them.  A Jane of all trades, and a master of none.  I remember, as I was struggling to know which career path to walk along, my Uncle Rick gave me some beautiful words of encouragement.  He said that it didn’t matter what I decided to pursue, because everything I did was reflection of the same soul.  All gifts, and all equally important.  This freed me somehow, and gave me permission to not have to choose.  To do all things, simply because I enjoyed doing them, without having to force a career out of one of them.  I love that.  I was given permission to play and de-compartmentalize my ideas about art and how one talent interacts with another. 

All of this MOXIE talk about the Etsy shop got me thinking about this, and about what a talented group of folks I work with. And not just in the context of theatre.  There are so many fascinating semi-hidden side talents here…  And I want to know what they are!  If I’m not mistaken, I think Chelsea does photography, and Missy makes jewelry… Esther posted a painting she made… Is this right girls?  And what about the rest of y’all?  Any violin virtuosos in the house?  Or sculptors?  Spill it!  Or rather, share it!  It’ll keep us from being pigeonholed.

(Man, this feels just like the day I found out that Minnie Driver plays music at the Casbah).  

Seeing another artistic side of someone is neat and I love it.

And, so you will feel fully confident in sharing your creations … I will share this image…. of what started out as a teddy bear (until I discovered sewing wasn’t my strong suit) and ended up…. well…

Wally the Wombat.