Celebrating Priscilla Allen

by Esther Emery

We were fairly new to San Diego when Nick found it necessary to whisper to me DURING a performance of Richard III at Sledgehammer Theatre.  “Do you know who that is?” he asked.  Of course I didn’t. I never know who anybody is. “That’s the exploding head from Total Recall,” he said, with perfect reverence.  She was playing Queen Margaret.

Priscilla Allen was a fixture on San Diego stages for over forty years. I had the great privilege of working with her on Wedding on the Eiffel Tower for Vantage Theatre and the San Diego Actors Alliance. She was a vibrant, passionate presence on and off the stage, and I feel blessed to have had her touch my life. Here she is with Jim Turner in The Corpulent Gentleman.

Priscilla passed away in her home in La Jolla on Thursday, August 14.  Services will be held on Thursday, August 21 from Noon to 2pm at  the San Diego Repertory Theatre, 79 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101-6144.  In lieu of flowers, please make donations on Priscilla’s behalf to Project Wildlife or the English Springer Spaniel Rescue Association.

She will be much missed.

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