Women: Historically Awesome

by third planet living

Is it just me, or is the world in desperate need of a nice theatrical hotel with some good ol’ fashion burlesque and vaudeville lighting up the stage? Where performers room during their run, and practice juggling and ventriloquism in the lobby?  No?  Just me? 

Anyway, that’s not really what this post is about, so forward march!

Back in the days of burlesque, one of the tactics used by producers to draw an audience, was to post a sign saying “No women or children allowed.”  So men swarmed, thinking they were in for a real treat, which lets face it, they were.  But it wasn’t all strip tease and salty dogs my friends; there were variety acts too.  To please audiences, the language was coarse and the jokes were racy.  But alack, there was trouble on Pleasure Island…  Even back then, women made up the majority of theatre audiences, so producers, (in the biz to make money), realized they were excluding a large portion of their audience by enforcing a “men-only” policy. Bum-ba-da-daaaa!  Enter vaudeville.  Less about promoting good morals, and more about making a fat bundle. Vaudeville was “more respectable” than burlesque, and was pitched as entertainment for the entire family. Vulgarity was forbidden (well, if you were a headliner, managers might look the other way if a ‘hully gee’ made it’s way into an act).  Many venues barred the sale of liquor, all in hopes of bringing in the ladies.  It worked.  Well, until talkies came in and ruined all the fun, (we still haven’t recovered from that one).

Point being, the successful circuits were the ones that ran a tight ship and adhered closely to what the women of the time wanted to see.  Fast-forward to 2008, and I think we are still facing that same challenge… figuring out what women want to see on stage.  Of course we don’t want to exclude or scare off our male audience members, but there is something to be said about playing to the majority.  From a business perspective at least.

That’s a long way of saying… I think MOXIE’s on the right track.  Go team.

I still think we should open a hotel though.  Chelsea could do a tap number while silently eating a bowl of peanut butter crunch,  Jo can shoot cans off a split rail fence, and Delicia can knit booties as she… I don’t know graphs a parabola or something.  Sounds fun to me!

Have a good day y’all.