producer/mamma to do list

by jenthorn

I have about 20 minutes to write this.  That is how long Baby Einstein will occupy my daughter so I can write and focus.  Amy’s entry yesterday made me think.  Am I what I do? You be the judge.  I put a line through the things I started already today. Here is my to do list.  Some of these tasks are long term and some are short but all are to be touched on today:

To Do List for Wed.

  • Talk icons for graphic design for the next MOXIE season with Chelsea
  • Call Del Mar Blue Print to discuss pricing for season program
  • Wash stains out of Penny’s diapers
  • Check with local publications about advertising for next season
  • Scan script for first show of season to see if it is appropriate for high school history classed to attend.
  • Take Penelope to get weighed and pick up more diapers
  • Stop at post office to pick up husband birthday present which I missed yesterday when it got delivered.
  • Get phone number for local artist/patron to discuss sponsoring the salary for our artistic director for next season.
  • Call mom and ask her how much she thinks I can ask some friends of ours to donate to MOXIE.
  • Try feeding Penny avocado earlier in the day.  Last night before bed was too late and she spat it out.
  • Start on new business cards for MOXIE and new staff for season.
  • Work on individual marketing plans for each show in season
  • Draft ideas for “Club MOXIE” theatre-going club idea
  • Put away laundry
  • Read another chapter in Kansas to study for upcoming acting role in our first show
  • Work on Aunt Dawn’s jewelry website
  • Cancel Long Distance on phone bill
  • Ride my bike for 30 mintues (it is on a stand in my living room so I can get some time in the saddle without having to leave Penny as I train for upcoming long distance ride in Tahoe.

My Office

Wish me luck folks!