Batman and the irresistible dark

by jenthorn

I saw The Dark Knight  last night.  For those of you who have your head either in the sand or are hiding from summer blockbusters, this is the new batman movie. 

My husband and I had a night off because family volunteered to look after Penny Jane.  It was a huge task for us just getting out the door…Penny won’t take a bottle now.  She has a mind of her own and her mind is made up about bottles.  That’s another story. 

Back to batman.  I had heard that the film was dark.  No worries…I love dark movies….I am a huge sucker for really sharp editing, loud driving music and unnecessary violence.  I can’t help it.  I am a 16 year old boy trapped in a woman’s body when it comes to films.  To say that the film is dark is an understatement.  Watching Heath Ledger’s BRILLIANT performance knowing he was no longer alive was aweful but the movie itself seemed to say that all people are just a coin toss away from being raving homicidal maniacs. 

No wonder it was so hard for MOXIE to find any new plays that didn’t make you want to kill yourself! Delicia has read what probably amounts to a living room littered with plays looking for something to round out our season.  It needed to be something that was fun, something that would end the season on a high note, something that felt like an adventure.  We chose a play that includes a butcher, a murder mystery, several poisonings, selling illicit drugs to minors and  a cereal bowl filled with blood.  It’s funny.  This was the show that was the “fun” end to our season.  I know I am not saying something new that people don’t already know but really…people are seriously upset right now.  We’re are past angry as a country.  We are wallowing in the depths of despair and wondering if there is any good left in us. It’s showing up in our art.  It’s showing up in our summer blockbuster movies!!!!

How will this new president shape theatre?  Bush has certainly left his mark.  What do you think we can expect from playwrights in the next few years? Can audiences take any more dark material? Is MOXIE crazy to have programmed a season that reflects the current darkness when other theatres are taking pains to program fluff to give people relief? As one of our upcoming plays taught me…during the depression people would take their handout from the government and even though it was supposed to help them feed their families for weeks…many of them would blow it all on candy.  They called it the sugar syndrome.  Should we be programming sugar when playwrights are giving us meat?