in the pockets of the peeps

by third planet living

Can people afford to come to the theatre?  I was just pondering this today, because I know I can’t…

I had opened up my date book this morning to figure out when I might see the six shows I need to see in the next couple of weeks.  Of those six, I’ll be comped for four of them, but will most likely have to pay for the other two.  And I’m bummed out!  Because they’re around thirty bucks per, and coming from north county, add another thirty for gas and… well you all know the story.  Bottom line is, usually… if I can’t get in for free… I can’t go.

I can only imagine the agony that the folks who never have comps go through!  🙂

I think it would be an interesting experiment, to slash ticket prices  (unless of course a show is selling out), and see if we can pack the house.  If we double our audience, we’re making the same amount of money, but we’re reaching twice as many people (maybe younger people who generally have less money). And that could be a way to broaden our audience base.  If people know that a night at the theatre could cost roughly the same as a night at the movies (when you include what people spend on food) then possibly folks will choose theatre over movies.  

Or maybe it’s wishful thinking, and houses would still be sparse and we’d all be up a river 😉

But I happen to like wishful thinking.

Thoughts, o’ brilliant ones?