Thursday Inspiration

by Esther Emery

It’s still Thursday. Here’s some erotic embroidery by Egyptian-born American painter Ghada Amer.

Wait, did you say…erotic embroidery? Oh, yeah. Here’s Love Has No End at the Brooklyn Museum. And here’s an excerpt from her artist’s statement:

For me, the choice to be mainly a painter and to use the codes of abstract painting, as they have been defined historically, is not only an artistic challenge: its main meaning is occupying a territory that has been denied to women historically. I occupy this territory aesthetically and politically because I create materially abstract paintings, but I integrate in this male field a feminine universe: that of sewing and embroidery. By hybridizing those worlds, the canvas becomes a new territory where the feminine has its own place in a field dominated by men, and from where, I hope, we won’t be removed again.