on cheeseburgers and gratitude, a MOXIE staff meeting

by Esther Emery

Delicia kicked off this evening’s staff meeting with a question. “What have you learned this week?” 

She had her answer ready.

“I learned that I might be getting too old to eat a bacon cheeseburger with fries, two apple pies and a side of ranch.”

Her confession was met with sympathetic nods all around…well, except for her five year old daughter. “Mom, you should have given me the bacon.”

“Yes, that’s what I should have done. Now, what did everyone else learn this week?”

I enjoyed the answers so much that I decided to share them.

Missy has learned that she’s pretty good at juggling, since she’s had two babies at the house all week (hers and mine). We all enjoyed imagining Missy as a baby-juggling circus act. She also feels her confidence returning, from whence she didn’t specify.

“Hey, self-confidence, where you been?”

“Welcome back.”

Dustin learned something about sixteen year olds when his little sister demoted his car stereo. “You can’t call that thing a stereo,” she said, “it only has one speaker.”

Chelsea has been learning about gratitude, since someone she loves has challenged her to list ten things she is grateful for every day for a month. “There’s just so much to be grateful for,” she said.  She has been particularly surprised by the many small things she is grateful for, the ones that make the list only after the obvious things like friends and jobs and family.

I talked about balancing creativity and problem solving in the rehearsal room. I’m a creative person. This week I noticed that when I turn too much into a problem solver nobody has any fun.

Jen was reminded last week that it never works to compare yourself to other people. She thought for a moment that she should be directing outside of MOXIE.  “Why aren’t I directing other places?”  But then she remembered that that goal isn’t actually hers. “There’s nothing wrong with the fact that I don’t actually want to do that.”

Jen’s daughter Penny is learning how to grasp objects. She’s five months old today.

Amy learned that she likes having people around her that are writing plays and who know about writing plays. She was blocked, and she worked through it with the help of D’s “let the chaos in,” Jen’s references to the Tao de Ching and Jo’s “leap and the net will appear.”

Jo’s three jobs have reminded her to be present where she is and focussed on the task at hand.  “At some point,” she said (from the kitchen, where she was putting the finishing touches on our dinner), “multitasking doesn’t really work.”

And then we did some work, and ate some food, and passed Penny around, and did some more work and ate some more food.  We set a date for general auditions, went over the calendar for the four shows we have scheduled for Season Four, scheduled a staff retreat and discussed a reading series for our plays in progress.  You’ll hear more on that as we work out the details.

Until then, I’m off to another busy week.  Happy Tuesday!