I have no time so I’m writing a play.

by jenthorn

The creative process is a fickle thing.  Everyone walks around plagued by creative ideas.  My husband couldn’t sleep last night because he has an idea for a new invention.  It’s brilliant.  I wish I could share it with you but it’s too brilliant and someone would steal it.  Steal it?  The truth is that you can’t steal his idea.  Someone else has probably thought of it but that someone else may not have had the confidence to develop it, to pull that idea out of the great floating ocean of ideas and make it reality.  Or they may just have too much time on their hands and that’s why they haven’t done it yet.

Did I just say TOO MUCh time?

Yeah, time is a killer.  I am here to dispel the myth that creative people are people who have the time to pursue their creative desires, as opposed to people with “real jobs” who therefore have no time follow their whims.  The truth is that the most creative people I know are productive BECAUSE they are too busy and that constant stream of mental stimulation, caffeine, stress, creative companionship, lack of sleep and of course lack of time is exactly what makes them so creative.  Most of them work several jobs for which they may or may not be paid, many care for families (or in some cases hungry foreign exchange students) and then in the time they don’t have…they are brilliant.

I tell people I do theatre and they say “that must be fun”.  I think I know what they mean.  They mean “your lucky you have fun all day and don’t have to work…wish I could”.  I am here to tell you people that I am currently sleeping in two hour chunks for a grand total of about 4 hours a night, raising a new born, running a theatre company with handful of amazing artists for which I am the Marketing Director, Associate Artistic Director, an actress, a director, the graphic designer and head of casting, I work at a local radio station during their campaign drives, I do freelance marketing for friends and family and I am training for a bike race… so I think it’s time for me to write a play.  That seems to be how the amazing women around me have hit their creative strokes of brilliance.

I can’t help it.  This idea came to me while I was pregnant but I was on maternity leave and had too much time so now that I am back at work AND being a full time mom,  I have begun to write.    Tuesday I wrote in a coffee shop while my daughter played, mostly naked, on a blanket (she had pooped through all the clothes I brought her).  I know that the play I am writing will be better for her smelly input 🙂

What new inspiration are you pursuing that you have no time for?  What long list of “must do’s” are you adding it to? Let me revel in your brave choice to release your voice. Really…DISH IT!

Where I create

I thought you might enjoy a peek at my creative work station.  A faux leather cube in my living room with my laptop on top, surrounded by blankets, spit up covered clothes from this morning, emergency baby wipes…my sweat pants are a great uniform…note my shoes kicked off in the upper left corner of the frame.  If I am going to write a play I won’t have the time to put those away anymore.  Sorry hubby 🙂