Thursday Inspiration: Eggcubism

by Esther Emery

How much do I love that word? Nick and I eat very little meat, and lots of eggs.  Lots of eggs.  It’s enough to make me worry that I’m personally maintaining the very sketchy drugged chicken industry.  The switch to free range eggs is totally next, just as soon as I get on top of my No Plastic Policy.  

Incidentally, on the very first day that I implemented the no plastic thing, my neighborhood grocery store was out of paper bags.  Out, none, zilch, as in, plastic or the highway. I was surprised, because wasn’t it just the other day that they used to always ask, “paper or plastic?” My weekly grocery shopping is about ten bags, so it has always seemed absurd and excessive to bring my own. But after that experience, I’m inspired to do just that. Hey, I’m an American. Restraint isn’t one of my core values. Ten mismatched cloth bags (do you see pillowcases?), here I come!

In the meantime, please enjoy Eggcubism:

This is Lichtekooi, by Enno de Kroon via Cult Case.  How cool is that?

And here’s Kiss III (frontal)

Check him out on Flickr.