On Art, Ego and Time Management: Signing Off

by Esther Emery

My top ten methods of procrastination:

  1. You Tube
  2. Flickr
  3. Facebook 
  4. the infinite blogosphere
  5. my photos
  6. following the Mars Phoenix on Twitter
  7. Lengthy conversation with dear friends in which the ills of society are revealed, categorized, bemoaned and ultimately ignored.
  8. Play dates at which the ills of society are revealed, categorized, bemoaned and ultimately ignored, while our children play!
  9. telling my husband about my day, see items 1-8
  10. and, the MOXIE blog.

I thank you for reading. Lots of people have been reading, although we never did convince you all to comment. When I started, some of you knew that I was in a “writing slump.”  Maybe, to be even more cliché, I was suffering from that “blockage” that always sounds vaguely intestinal or otherwise related to diet and exercise.  Basically, I hadn’t written much of anything since I got pregnant.

Well, there’s nothing like a daily date with loyal readers to get things moving again. My blockage is no longer. I’m writing up a storm. Fiction, poetry, and even sketches for Annabelle and the Dragon. The only problem is, I’ve stopped eating and am in danger of not showing up to work.


The MOXIE blog is diversifying. Never fear. Amy is going to write. Jen is going to write. We’ll be sure to tell you when there’s something you need to know about MOXIE Theatre. And I’ll still write when I REALLY have something to write about…which is possibly quite often.

I’ve been winding down this week as we approached opening night for The Listener (kudos to those of you with a nose for that sort of thing.) And, although I have several pages of notes for future posts, they’re woefully disorganized and basically completely otherwise lame. I even struggled through the most recent post, changing my mind midstream as to what exactly it was that I was writing about.

It isn’t that I’ve run out of things to say (and will I ever?), it’s the nagging awareness that I am needed elsewhere. I’m barely two weeks away from first rehearsal on my next play, which dovetails into another, and then another. And I’m a few days away from auditions for the fourth. I’ve been blogging for five weeks, which is exactly the length of a standard rehearsal period, and my theatrical metabolism tells me it’s time to shift gears.  

I thank you for reading.

Now, go see The Listener.

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