She Listens

by Esther Emery

The Character:  Listener

The Actor:  Jo Anne Glover.  That way-cool “Street” interview covered the basics, so I’ll make this personal.  My sense of order requires that I finish out the series on our Moxielicious cast.  And anyway, not all of you know her as well as I do.

 Just for fun… Beauty with green merman, gold fish.  Here’s Jo Anne in Paris, doing “research” for Limonade Tous les Jours (season one), in which she played a Parisian chanteuse named Ya Ya.  Apparently we found this fountain very educational. 

Jo recently made a major change in her source of income to make more room for her art.  (Read: huge leap of faith.)  It seems like just a few months ago that she was taking a yoga teacher training course and was “hopeful” that it might turn into something.  Now she is cobbling together a 100% freelance life.  Like the residents of Junk City, she makes it work.  

The Listener couldn’t be any more different from the ebullient, spontaneous Ya Ya.  This character has spent her entire adulthood alone.  Listening.  And dreaming of the “third great age of Earth.”  Jo just might have to use her yoga.

Jo Anne is reading:

Jo Anne is working on:

I’m definitely working on not letting my fear and my ego stand in the way…”ego” being the part of me that is doubtful.  And I’m working on stillness and strength.