by Esther Emery

This is the third time we’ve featured a member of The Listener’s moxielicious cast.  If you missed the first two, go here and here.

The Character:  John 

The Actor:  Steven Lone is a new find for MOXIE.  But don’t call it luck.  He actually read our mission statement.  And he’s adamant that his kind of theatre is something other than the “marshmallow” kind.  I’m proud to say we rate.

Just for fun…  Look at that sweet face.  Six years ago, at Bus Barn Stage Company in Los Altos, a star was born.  But you won’t see that quivering chin in this production.

Steven plays John, a child of Eve (meaning he’s a lot like you and me) and an alien to Junk City.  Via the Office of Historic-Archeological Investigations, Department of Old Earth, he has come to survey.  But he finds the residents of Junk City to be something much more complicated than statistics.  

Born and raised in San Francisco, Steven moved to SoCal with the LA actor thing in mind.  While earning his degree in acting at UCSD, he checked out the local scene and ended up sticking around.  We’re among the first to hear that Steven has been named a Resident Artist at ion theatre, where he has played in Glass Menagerie, The Grapes of Wrath, Punks, and most recently, that passionately sensitive artist in La Gaviota (which we suggest wasn’t too much of a stretch).  We’re honored to have his passion and sensitivity on our side of the Force.

Steven is reading: 

Steven is working on:

It just dawned on me a couple of years ago, the power that we have, as actors…I believe theatre should be about making some kind of statement, making people upset, or think about things they normally wouldn’t think of.

Next week, the Listener herself, our very own, the illustrious and most beloved Jo Anne Glover.