The Finders

by Esther Emery

Not our job, Smak. Let Namer name, let Jimmies jimmy. We Finduhs. Guess what we do?

Last week I gave you a taste of the futuristic Finders and their game.  Here’s a little inside info on the actors we’ve tapped to wear found-object armor and dig through a pile of junk in search of mysterious “tek.”

Just for fun…  I’ve seen Rachael Van Wormer in lots of roles, but this photo is from one of my very favorites.  Here she is as Thomasina in Arcadia at Cygnet Theatre, with Matt Biedel as the tutor.

Rachael is totally committed to theatre in San Diego.  But don’t trust her to tell you that.  Just look at her calendar.  For the last three weeks, she’s been attending Listener rehearsals between performances of Corpus Christi over at Diversionary Theatre.  And somehow (?) she managed to fit in a reading of The Wild Duck for ion’s Ibsen reading series.  It may look like she’s competing for ‘most roles played within a period of twelve months,’ but our local superstars often keep schedules like that.  They work until their eyes pop out, then survive a dry spell when nobody calls, and then do it all over again.  We’re thrilled that she is fitting us all in.

Rachael is reading:


And Rachael is working on:

I think what has been the most challenging about this process is the language.  The temptation with these guys is to make them too animal, or caricatures, so I’m working against that.

Now, the scoop on Jelly’s tool-wielding, tek-finding partner, Smak.

Just for fun…  Here’s Tim Parker in a photo I pulled off his MySpace page.  Yes, he’s funny.  Yes, he knows he’s funny.  Some things never change.

We’re proud to say that Tim is one of MOXIE’s own.  He’s been in four of our last five shows.  In fact, you could argue that he is the most consistent element in MOXIE’s recent work.  Different playwrights, different directors, but always Tim.  Then again, he’s so different in the different roles that you may not have noticed.  I’ll help.  You saw him as a doctor, a Frenchman, a jockey and a horse in Devil Dog Six.  You saw him as the cool, almost-normal one in Victoria Martin: Math Team Queen.  And you saw him as a pacifist, monogamist oracle in Rhubarb, or How to Play with a Rollergirl (a role written with his voice in mind).  Tim is also a writer, and a disciplined one, so watch out for his name to show up in the playwright’s column in the not too distant future.

Tim is reading: 

Tim is working on:

“Artists are the antennae of the human race.” – Ezra Pound.  I’m trying to figure what that means.

Next week, Steven Lone.

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