by Esther Emery

Wow, people liked Tuesday’s process post on The Listener.  Cool.  Here’s an additional series featuring our Moxielicious cast.  Go to the MOXIE Theatre website to get your seats.

The Character:  Namer.

The Actor:  Walter Murray is a fixture in San Diego theater.  We saw him this year in Permanent Collection at Mo’olelo.  We saw him last year as Julius Caesar at New Village Arts.  But newcomers to the scene may not be aware of the full extent of Walter’s impressive résumé.  

Just for fun, here he is as Teddy Hodell in Valparaiso at Sledgehammer Theatre.  

Walter has been in the trenches for decades, forming and shaping the theater in this theater town, and racking up a surprisingly diverse list of roles.  From Horatio in Sledge’s infamous uncut Hamlet to Oscar in The Odd Couple for his own Black Ensemble Theatre (which he co-founded with Rhys Green) Walter has just about done it all.

But he hasn’t done this.  

On a devastated future Earth, only a few survivors remain, picking through the garbage left by prior generations.  Language has changed.  Culture has changed.  Customs have changed.  Knowledge has been lost.  Someone must be responsible for intellectual order.  Someone must Name.  

Walter is reading: 

Walter is working on:

I believe all great art is simple, therefore I’m working on being as simple as possible. I’m trying to pare away all the excess in my craft.

Next week, the Finders: Tim Parker and Rachael Van Wormer