A MOXIE kind of play commission

by Esther Emery

Although I can and do write lots of things with my son Milo crawling all over me, the concentration required to conceive a new play and birth sentient characters has been hard to come by. In a MOXIE kind of play commission, Associate Artistic Director/Marketing Director Jennifer Eve Thorn guarantees at least two hours a week towards my next moxielicious play with a simple babysitting swap. 

JET is a baby pro, one of those who is cool with all kinds of kids and babies.  I, on the other hand, am a youngest child who wouldn’t even hold a baby until I had one.  We’re lucky that Penny is younger than Milo is, because I’m only checked out up to 9 months.  

Anyway, the side effect, two babies in the same place, is devastatingly cute.